About 11:59

11:59 – one minute away from ‘high noon’, this the state of mind of many PR professionals, shortly before a crisis unfolds. The moment when everyone is looking at you with this “now-what-do-we-do?” look and these “we-can-fix-it-with-a-good-communication-right?” eyes.

11:59 is the moment in time when you wish you could turn back time for a few hours, buy yourself some room to think, prepare, strategize. That’s why I called this blog “11:59”, which focusses on the various aspects of crisis communications.

In an environment in which crisis is the new normal, companies, politicians, authorities and alike need to do better than just putting out a quick “Oh, I’m sorry!” and a half-hearted promise to be transparent and to fully support investigations. What it takes today is a new view on crisis communications, and new culture of risk awareness and crisis resilience, which includes but is not limited to the aspect of communications.

That being said, this blog curates interesting contributions from renowned crisis communications experts, including views and articles from myself and aims to widen the view beyond the usual textbook approaches on crisis communications.

The logo of my blog. Designed with my new favorite app “Typorama”, on my iPhone 6S, during a short train ride between Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

The blog is also meant to encourage a meaningful and targeted discussion among other PR experts. So please feel free to comment or to contact me with suggestions for additional posts.

Enjoy reading!